patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 4.10 SunOS sparc

  • TrialPatch.0 Friday May 2, 2008
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • orb2db_futures.0 Thursday May 22, 2008
    With packets from the future, orb2db repeatedly flushes
    internal waveform buffers to disk, causing poor compression
    in the waveform files.
    The new version flushes internal buffers only when a particular
    packet has been held by orb2db for more than max_time_waiting.
    Checks for this condition occur every decent_interval. 
  • orbevproc_dbcalibrate.0 Tuesday June 17, 2008
    Fix problems with negative calib values in orbevproc
    that caused program failure when computing logarithms.
    Move orbevproc source code to example area.
    Fix problems related to 6-channel dataloggers attached
    to two different sensors when running dbcalibrate.
    Add more to bugs(5) man page.
  • miniseed.0 Wednesday July 16, 2008
    Fix a new 4.10 bug reading 512/1024 byte miniseed files;
    also bail out at first error in miniseed block, rather than
    filling error log.
    orbmsd2days now saves corrupt SEED packets into a 
    separate discard file, rather than dying after a certain
    New forbstat program can be used to read this forb(5) 
    discard file.
  • rtm-netwin.0 Monday July 21, 2008
    The netwin panel menu option to show waveform by station 
    was broken.  This patch restores the capability.
  • dbversdwf.0 Monday July 21, 2008
    Fix bogus error messages from 1024 byte miniseed due to 
    bad expectation of 4096 byte blocks.
  • seed2db.0 Monday September 22, 2008
    Change default behavior to assume SEED FIR
    coefficients in forward time order and add
    a parameter that can revert behavior back to
    assuming SEED FIR coefficients in reverse time