patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 4.11 Linux_x86

  • TrialPatch.0 Friday April 10, 2009
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • dbpick.0 Tuesday June 30, 2009
    Fix problem with postscript generation of station-windowed
  • schema_assoc.0 Tuesday June 30, 2009
    Add nass and ndef to default css3.0 origin relation
    primary keys. This solves a variety of problems seen
    when processing multiple origins for a single event.
    Fix netmag table merging normalization problem. Make
    so that origins with the same location and ndef set
    prefor according to the origin with the largest number
    of associated arrivals. Fix problem with orb2dbt that
    kept it from merging in events with no associations,
    such as certain external catalog origins that do not
    associate with any existing events. Update programs that
    write out origin rows so that ndef and nass are never NULL.
  • miniseed.0 Monday July 06, 2009
    There has been a plague of errors in miniseed files from
    various dataloggers and other producers.  These errors range
    from the innocuous (out of order sequence numbers, and blank
    records with only a sequence number) to the pernicious:
    o  blockettes written wrong
    o  bad compression codes in the compressed data
    o  number of samples in data different from header nsamp
    o  bad reverse integration (internal sanity check)
    This patch fixes some bugs in Antelope which caused bus errors
    or segmentation faults when encountering some of the problems
    It also augments the abilities of msdd(1), which can be used to 
    ferret out and extract problems with miniseed.  Please read the
    man page and use it to diagnose any problems you encounter
    with miniseed files.
  • dbloc_show_waveforms.0 Tuesday July 07, 2009
    The previous schema_assoc patch with a modification to the 
    origin table broke an option in dbloc2 of pretending a 
    particular station is the origin of an event.  
    This patch fixes the problem.
  • q3302orb.0 Thursday July 30, 2009
    Add datathread hang watchdog timeout for the rare cases
    where data threads appear to be hung. Add rudimentary
    capability for parsing through the new Quanterra 
    Environmental Processor data blockettes.
  • evmisc.0 Friday September 04, 2009
    Fix event association so that an external catalog event
    can be added to a database by itself and later events
    will associate properly.
    Fix problem in orbevproc where origins that did not
    pass the initial magnitude screening tests were not marked
    with the "origindone" packet.
    Add arguments to dblocsat2 to support use by orbassoc.
  • dbpickmags.0 Monday September 07, 2009
    Add capability in dbpick to display magnitude affiliated
    arrival flags in a different color. Fix problem with
    setting trace foreground color.
  • orbassoc_threads.0 Tuesday October 13, 2009
    Fixes thread counting bug that occurs when large numbers
    of threads are used.
  • miniseed2.0 Tuesday October 20, 2009
    More patches for miniseed problems:
    * allow 300 blockettes (from balers)
    * try not to allow mixing miniseed of different record sizes
        (eg, 512 and 4096)
    * try not to allow miniseed out of time order
    * some related changes to msdd
    * fix bug in rtoutage that sometimes showed operating stations down
    * fix so that dbloc_map doesn't die with an error (harmless)
    * install some fragments of antelopemake in $ANTELOPE/data/makes, 
      so that contrib can use them to construct versions supporting
      various gcc/gmake combinations
  • rtoutage.0 Wednesday October 21, 2009
    Fix rtoutage problem which showed some operating stations 
    down in some circumstances.   (missing from previous patch)
  • miniseed3.0 Wednesday January 13, 2010
    This patch attempts to allow Antelope to handle miniseed
    files which are out of time order, which mix miniseed with
    different record sizes, and for many cases where the 
    1000 blockettes are missing. 
    These kinds of problems are often encountered in SEED 
    volumes, and time order problems may occur with 
    certain kinds of data recovery or data loggers.
  • dbpick_channel_codes.0 Friday February 05, 2010
    After the latest miniseed patch, dbpick sometimes crashes 
    with messages like this:
    dbpick: seed chan code 'BH1_10' for sta='ANMO' chan='BH1_10' is too long!
    This is fixed with a new version of in this patch.