Patches for Antelope Release 4.6 Sun Solaris SPARC

  • dbbuild.0 Monday April 12, 2004
  • This fixes some problems in various datalogger and sensor
    parameter files. 
    Adds some validation tests for these to dbbuild, and
    adds a separate program to check all installed parameter
    files for some level of correctness.
    It should also fix a problem with SOH channels across
    configuration changes which was causing problems in the
    generation of correct dataless seed volumes.
  • libresponse.0 Tuesday April 13, 2004
  • In 4.6, response files are more carefully inspected as 
    they're read which will catch problems that had previously
    been ignored.  The regular expression which matches the
    first line for each stage (found in response.h) was too
    restrictive; this attempts to fix the problem.
  • potpourri.0 Friday April 16, 2004
  • An assortment of problem fixes:
    * dbhelp fails on origin -> orid
    * dbevents failure with mouse events
    * dbmapevents postscript map lacked map
    * orbserver segfault with blank line in valid_ip_addresses
    * improved orb2logs man page
    * improved counting of restarts in rtsys report
    * obscure problem in q3302orb ameliorated
    * problem with tkdbpick on some linux x-servers improved
    * added nm/sec^2 to
    * fix bad locking parameters in status demo sys database
  • scripts.0 Tuesday April 27, 2004
  • fixes a problem where dbbuild generates a bad batch file
    when a pre-amp is specified.
    improved rtmail behavior
    corrects cluster option on register_antelope to allow use
    of ssh rather than rsh to collect hostinfo information
    correct collection of core files from cron jobs by rtexec.
  • q3302orb_1.0 Thursday May 27, 2004
  • Many changes to address problems with Q330 data acquisition
    through VSAT links:
    1 - Added various Q330 "link" parameters into
    that are set automatically whenever a data link is established.
    2 - Fix UDP read hang bug by making the recvfrom() calls non-blocking.
    3 - Change the processing of status packets to be less stringent
    about checking sequence numbers and less tenacious about a response.
    4 - Streamline data acknowledgements.
    5 - Add packet time for ch 98 data packets in debug logs
    6 - Add starting sequence number in logs at data link start.
    7 - Jump out if the packet buffer is set to 0 size (port "disabled").
    8 - Fix bug in error return when binding a static port number
    in the UDP socket opens (this is what allowed multiple q3302orbs
    to apparently bind to the same port number).
  • orb2db.0 Monday June 21, 2004
  • Fix problem with waveform file names for delayed packets
    Fix bug when writing miniseed with block size other than 4096
  • assortment.0 Thursday June 24, 2004
  • Fix bug in ida decompression routine.
    Fix bug which caused dbsnapshot to fail invalid database tables
    Fix bug in cleartmp when directory doesn't exist
    Fix bug in test for B* channels
    Fix bug in sd2db for certain response filter symmetries in 061 blockette
    New version of S99_Antelope for linux machines
    Fix fault in cd2orb with improper parameter file
    Various fixes for dbbuild instruments, new dbbuild_validate
    allow multiple gnom values in datalogger/sensor parameter files
  • fix_assortment.0 Friday June 25, 2004
  • The perl packages were left out of the previous assortment
    patch, breaking the gui mode of dbbuild.
    The text mode of antelope_update was broken in an earlier 
  • fix_dbbuild_fix.0 Friday June 25, 2004
  • Evidently the previous patches entangled some perl Tk updates
    with changes in dbbuild, related to fonts on the gui.
    These updated files back out those changes, and also function
    correctly not only at BRTT but at other undisclosed locations.
    I'm sorry for the multiple attempts to correct this problem.
  • q3302orb_2.0 Thursday July 01, 2004
  • 1 - Add mass recentering capability in q3302orb
    2 - fix dlcmd bug when parsing error returns
    3 - Add massrecenter and getconfig commands to dlmon
  • dbe-save.0 Monday July 05, 2004
  • The dbe save text file was broken in cases where the last
    field saved was time.  In addition, headers were always
    turned on in the output file.
  • dbbuild_encore.0 Friday August 06, 2004
  • correct some inconsistencies with the responses, 
    and fix a few bugs with dbbuild proper.
  • response.0 Tuesday September 07, 2004
  • Fix problem with phase in evaluation
    of fir stages with assymetric coefficients.
  • k22orb_1.0 Tuesday October 19, 2004
  • This adds the Makalu model type as a
    recognized model type by k22orb.
  • pumpkin.0 Monday November 01, 2004
  • cd2orb: corrections for packet renaming, late packet
    dbbuild: fix problem with indecisive picking of samplerate
    	  in gui.
    dbreplay: fix occasional missing sample in dbreplay output
    dbverify: eliminate bad tests, make response tests more
    rtbulletin: fix problem calculating largest azimuth gap
    miniseed2days, miniseed2orb: add ability to use directory 
              in input.
    qtunbale: fix various problems, add alternate implementation
              using wget.m
  • orb2dbt.0 Tuesday January 11, 2005
  • Fix memory allocation bug. No changes
    to command line usage or parameter file.
  • orb2dbt2.0 Wednesday January 19, 2005
  • The previous orb2dbt patch was built on the wrong
    version for a 4.6 release. Please apply this patch 
    which should fix the problems with the last patch.