Patches for Antelope Release 4.7.1 Marmot

  • q3302orb_471.0 Friday September 23, 2005
  • This fixes a number of cosmetic problems with properly
    printing out and resolving binary ip addresses.
  • q3302orb_v.0 Thursday February 02, 2006
  • This fixes an obscure bug that only was uncovered recently.
    The bug involves a situation where q3302orb would occasionally
    introduce a short data gap due to improper processing of certain
    kinds of "configuration change" notices from the Q330. Another
    less common side effect could cause q3302orb to crash. Although
    we normally would not release a patch so late in the release
    cycle, we felt this was important enough to do so now. Please
    note that there are a number of other changes related to 
    function enhancements for the upcoming 4.8 release (although
    incomplete). The accompanying man page and paraneter file
    reflect all of these changes.