patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 4.8.2 Marmot

  • touchup.0 Wednesday March 21, 2007
    change files so they can be more easily edited 
      with the prompt mode.
    update to evade problems when /etc/hosts has no
      entry for the marmot, which happens when the marmot gets
      its ip address via dhcp
    simplify various prompts in manage_marmot, and eliminate 
      check for host entry in /etc/hosts
    change handling of forb directory by diskserver to improve 
    fix problem in libPkt which causes q3302orb to crash.
    add another template in for PBO
  • q3302orb.0 Tuesday April 10, 2007
    This makes a change in the signal handling logic
    at shutdown. On a very intermittent basis (about once
    each 1000 shutdowns) q3302orb would not properly
    flush its data buffers and write out the statefile
    at shutdown. The bug appears to be related to the
    shutdown signal handling. Hopefully this change will
    eliminate the problem.