patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 4.8 Apple MacOS X

  • Double-Check.0 Monday February 20, 2006
    This patch has no contents, but is an attempt to verify
    that the patch mechanism is working properly.  After
    running antelope_update and installing this patch, please
    check the directories $ANTELOPE/patches and $ANTELOPE/patched.
    Both should contain a file named Double-Check.0
  • tttaup.0 Monday May 01, 2006
    The library libtttaup.bundle in the release causes a 
    segmentation fault when it's called to evaluate some (most)
    travel times.  This patch should fix the problem.  Test 
    for the problem (and solution) with the following command:
      % ttcalc
      method model phase distance depth : tttaup iasp91 P 4 0
    If you don't get a segmentation violation, you're ok. 
  • relink.0 Tuesday May 02, 2006
    This is a Macintosh only patch.
    On the Mac, a number of programs have link problems.  This
    patch attempts to replace those binaries with working
    The symptom of the problem is a message about
    can't find some routine during the start up execution.
  • grabbag.0 Wednesday May 03, 2006
    This collection of changes fixes a number of minor problems; 
    there are two accompanying patches for Macintosh distributions
    orbdetect: make less sensitive to sample rate changes in packets.
    seed2db: fix segmentation violation for SEED volume with 
    	missing stages (eg, 1, 2, 10)
    	fix segmentation violation when -stagedir option is
    	not used.
    cdorb2db: fix usage line
            accept all data, disregarding errors like calib changing,
    	segtype changing or tick registration changing.  (Error
     	message still appear)
    	correct behavior when conflicting waveform files are found.
    db2msd: change summary output to notify instead of complaint,
    	so rtsys won't flag it as an error.
    diskserver: correct the man page usage; the reference guide
    	usage is also wrong.
    forbserver: remove option A from usage line
    orbserver: correct the number of sources reported at startup
    	(currently always reports 1) : add missing parameter
  • orbxfer-state.0 Tuesday May 23, 2006
    This patch corrects a problem where the orbxfer2 state 
    file was not properly saved.
  • dbloc2_dbpick.0 Wednesday June 28, 2006
    This modified dbpick seems to fix most problems where
    dbloc2 locks up after some dbpick operations like 
    adding or editing arrivals.
  • waveforms.0 Wednesday June 28, 2006
    There is a wide assortment of fixes in this patch.
    * fix a segmentation error from a bad seed packet in libPkt
    * fix a memory leak in diskserver
    * fix some problems in trsplit/trsplice related exposed by
       attempts to patch together real time and baler data
    * add capability of specifying new srcname for SOH data in 
       cd1 packets in Australia
    * db2msd skips empty files, avoiding a segmentation violation
    * std_statvfs fakes return values for inodes for certain 
       linux filesystems which don't have them, so rtexec doesn't
    * corrected arguments to top for linux in snapshots
    * fixed displayspec so it finds tclx extensions
    * corrected problems with time selection of baler packets in 
      qtunbale, miniseed2orb and miniseed2days
    * automatically screen out baler packets with low timing 
      quality (<=10 by default) in miniseed2days.
  • rt2orb_1.0.0 Thursday June 29, 2006
    This fixes a problem where duplicate ORB output waveform
    packets would be produced causing spurious overlaps in 
    the data.
  • gpl_1.0.0 Friday June 30, 2006
    This fixes a problem seen in dbpick where the filter
    is not applied for windows with a single trace until
    the waveform is scrolled.
  • tttaup.dylib.0 Tuesday August 01, 2006
    On mac's only (Darwin), replace tau-p library, 
    correcting faults in dbpick "ae" command.
  • q3302orb_1.p.0 Tuesday August 15, 2006
    This is a large scale patch for q3302orb that fixes some problems
    and also adds a lot of new functionality. The user must look carefully
    through the new man page and parameter file to see all of 
    the detailed changes. In summary, the changes are:
    - new hibernation mode
    - partial status packets
    - cleanup error logs
    - streamlined deregistration
    - more status variables (np24, ip24, cale, meme)
    - reimplementation of communication efficiency computation
    - automatic registration after inactivity timeout 
    - add new commands (set local port numbers, set Q330 ip-address, mass locking/un
    locking, get Q330 annouce structure)
    - can put in "-" for Q330 serial number forcing a POLLSN to get the S/N
    - added support for auxiliary 16-bit channels
    - various bug fixes
    New parameters (see man page):
    pfstatusreport_verbosity        0       # Output status report verbosity
                                            #    0 - Complete every pfstatusreport_i
                                            #    1 - Plus just connection mode for d
                                            #         when connection mode changes.
                                            #    2 - Plus all parameters for datalog
                                            #         when connection mode changes.
    commeff_interval                120.0   # This is the averaging duration in seco
    nds for computing
                                            #    communication efficiency
    maxretries_register             5       # max no. of registration retries before
     going into hibernation
    register_retry_sleep            300     # sleep interval between registration re
    control_inactivity_timeout      300     # maximum amount of time between success
    ful control port status 
                                            #       responses before an automatic re
    masslockunlock_duration         5.0     # default time for pulsing sensor contro
    l lines
                                            #       for locking and unlocking masses
    masslockunlock_sensors          AB      # default lock/unlock mass sensors
    status_map &Arr{
            data_aux_chan0          ax0     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX0       # auxiliary chan
    nel 0 (first conversion)
            data_aux_chan1          ax1     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX1       # auxiliary chan
    nel 1 (second conversion)
            data_aux_chan2          ax2     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX2       # auxiliary chan
    nel 2 (third conversion)
            data_aux_chan3          ax3     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX3       # auxiliary chan
    nel 3 (fourth conversion)
            data_aux_chan4          ax4     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX4       # auxiliary chan
    nel 4 (fifth conversion)
            data_aux_chan5          ax5     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX5       # auxiliary chan
    nel 5 (sixth conversion)
            data_aux_chan6          ax6     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX6       # auxiliary chan
    nel 6 (seventh conversion)
            data_aux_chan7          ax7     $DLNET_$DLSTA_AX7       # auxiliary chan
    nel 7 (eighth conversion)
            q330_data_np24          np24    $DLNET_$DLSTA_QPD       # total number o
    f POCs received in last 24 hours
            q330_data_ni24          ni24    $DLNET_$DLSTA_QID       # total number o
    f datalogger ip-address changes in last 24 hours
    status_disposition &Arr{
            data_aux_chan0          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan1          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan2          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan3          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan4          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan5          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan6          no      no      mst
            data_aux_chan7          no      no      mst
            q330_data_np24          no      yes     mstc
            q330_data_ni24          no      yes     mstc
  • rt2orb_2.0.0 Thursday August 17, 2006
    This fixes a threading related bug which would occasionally 
    cause corrupted output ORB packets.
  • diskserver.0 Wednesday September 20, 2006
    This patch brings the 4.8 version of diskserver and orb2disk
    up to date with the 4.8.1 patched Marmot version.  Missing
    packets were observed on the marmot version, which these
    patches fixed.
  • unstuffPkt_fault.0 Tuesday September 26, 2006
    orb2db (and other programs) die while trying to unstuff
    a bogus miniseed packet.  The fault lies in a routine
    which tries to parse the miniseed.
    A memory leak when unstuffing opaque blockettes is
    also corrected.
    Add option for verbose comments while splicing waveform
    segments; fix a problem when splicing waveforms with 
    marked gaps.
    Added some new segtypes in css3.0 and
  • assortment.0 Tuesday September 26, 2006
    New version of rtexec handles cron jobs differently, 
    and correctly does not restart a cron job already
    running when rtexec is restarted.  Also should work 
    better on Mac's.
    New version of dbbuild with support for datalogger loc codes,
    to help at stations with multiple dataloggers.
    Also corrections for the "close sensor" command, used when
    switching sensors from one type to another.
    New man page with examples of simple dbbuild batch files.
    New version of dbloc2, responding to requests allowing running
    magnitude on any displayed origin, not just the most recently
    calculated ones.  This requires editing your parameter
    New version of orb2db which correctly handles the situation
    when some station switches from 20sps to 40sps.  Previously,
    the miniseed headers continued to have 20 sps in the standard
    header, although the 100 blockette had the correct samplerate.
    New version of db2msd, allowing steim1 compression (instead
    of steim2) for situations where steim2 compression loses
  • packets.0 Tuesday December 19, 2006
    Add some testing to unstuffing orbxfer2 packets to 
    avoid segmentation violations for corrupt packets.
    add capability for compressing some ascii packets
  • miniseed2orb.0 Tuesday January 30, 2007
    Makes miniseed2orb, orbxfer2 and orb2orb work more reliably
    when the output orb is being watched to make sure packets
    are not overwritten before they are read.
  • seed.0 Thursday February 15, 2007
    Allow generating seed with stations which move.