Patches for Antelope Release 4.9 SunOS sparc

  • inaugural.0 Tuesday June 05, 2007
    This patch includes a man page which was left out of the
    release, and an update to the central documentation 
    web page $ANTELOPE/antelope.html which adds a reference
    to a (perhaps) dynamic page at BRTT with the latest news
    about the 4.9 release.
  • dbe.0 Monday July 16, 2007
    Correct dbe so that the proper fields are displayed in 
    joined views.
    Add a link to BRTT 4.9 news, and correct some links
    for perl documentation.
    Add comments about new response information to Changes file.
  • dbloc2-qtunbale-miniseed.0 Wednesday August 22, 2007
    Fix some problems related to creating 
    new origins in dbloc2
    Make qtunbale more reliable in downloading 
    miniseed from balers
    Fix a bug in the unpacking of miniseed 
    which could cause a segmentation fault.
  • traces.0 Friday October 19, 2007
    miniseed2db may quietly fail to make wfdisc entries for
    a large (> 1Gbyte) miniseed file which fails to memory map.
    This new version announces the problem, but the only 
    workaround is to run miniseed2db individually on each 
    miniseed file (rather than on a whole set of large files or
    directories).  There is still an absolute limit of around
    2 Gbytes on the size of the file dictated by the 32 bit 
    memory space.
    correct output of msdd(1) when miniseed does not contain
    1000 blockettes
    trputwf did not function correctly when trying to save 
    trace data in seed format.  This is fixed, but trputwf
    is still deprecated in favor of trsave_wf.
    fix memory leak in elog_str
    change implementation of fdkey to use select instead
    of poll, return more quickly
    check input time for finiteness in wait_for_time(3)
    fix potential infinite loop in startup checking of 
    corrupt orbserver stash.
    correct truncate_log to eliminate old saved log directories
    which use the new naming convention of periods rather colons
    in the hour/minute/second portion (to avoid problems with 
    Mac finder).
  • orbserver64.0 Tuesday November 06, 2007
    This Solaris only patch fixes a startup problem for
    orbserver64.  orbserver64 fails to start up properly, never
    allowing a connection and meanwhile using considerable cpu
  • miniseed2db.0 Thursday November 08, 2007
    Try to recognize extremely large (>= 2Gbyte) miniseed
    files and complain about them, instead of ignoring them.
  • orbevproc.0 Friday November 09, 2007
    Fix a variety of problems with orbevrpco/dbevproc
    1 - close and re-open wf and metadatabases for orbevproc 
    at the beginning of each new event to deal with underlying 
    changes of the databases.
    2 - add clipping limit checks for waveforms to deal with
    low dynamic range data.
    3 - add null calib checks for waveforms.
    4 - fix bug related to proper channel matching in the 
    channels table.
    5 - add in libassoc.a and libperlembed.a static libraries
    so that orbevproc can be rebuilt
  • largefile_statvfs.0 Monday December 03, 2007
    Try to eliminate failures in some programs like orb2db
    and orb2disk on very large filesystems.
  • orb2db.0 Thursday January 17, 2008
    This patch should make orb2db run faster and with less
    cpu by eliminating unnecessary filesystem tests.
  • orbxchange.0 Friday January 25, 2008
    This fixes some problems with the way orbxchange
    switches between alternate orbservers.  Previously, 
    it might not correctly reposition the read pointer
    following a switch.
  • dbcheck_responses.0 Monday February 04, 2008
    dbcheck_responses erroneously labeled certain instrument
    responses wrong, preventing the incorporation of these
    responses in a database.  dbcheck_responses has been 
    corrected.  In addition, response problems flagged by
    dbcheck_responses no longer prevent building a database.
  • db2sd.0 Sunday February 17, 2008
    Move endtime for station which closes on 12/31/xx .1 millisecond 
    earlier so it doesn't traverse a year boundary, at the
    request of the DMC and PIC.