patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 5.1-64 SunOS sparc

  • TrialPatch.0 Monday February 28, 2011
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • june.0 Tuesday June 21, 2011
    This patch should fix some problems with dbloc2 which are 
    exhibited when there are many arrivals (hundreds).
    It also makes db2msd behave more reasonably when very late 
    data arrives, after db2msd has already compressed a previous
    day file.  Previously, it would replace the old miniseed file
    with a new file; now it complains, and appends the new miniseed
    day file to the old file -- so no data is lost, though data
    compression is likely to be very poor.
    A bug in orbserver, which caused it to refuse new connections
    after about the first 14,000, has been seen on Linux only.  This
    patch fixes that problem, which might also be seen in 
  • cdorb2db.0 Monday June 27, 2011
    cdorb2db sometimes creates a 1 packet gap at day boundaries, 
    and also might create waveform directory hierarchies in the 
    wrong directory.  This patch should fix both problems.
  • july.0 Thursday July 21, 2011
    q3302orb - add set announce structure capability
    q3302orb - fix bug relating to QEP processing that caused
    munged time stamps
    q330util - add set announce structure capability
    altus2orb - fix potential data loss from parallel threads
    trying to read/write on the same file descriptor
    altus2orb - add new debug printing options
    altusevt2db - add new -noaddchk option to disable wfdisc
    consistency checks
    dbcalibrate - fix one-off sample counting problem that
    caused waveform traces to be rejected
    seed2db - fix problem parsing blockette 062
  • subnet.0 Friday October 21, 2011
    subnet licenses might not be properly recognized, 
    particularly on a linux machine
  • november.1 Tuesday November 22, 2011
    Most of this patch responds to problems generating a 
    valid SEED volume with invalid input to dbbuild.  dbbuild
    now detects the invalid input and quits, db2sd detects the
    invalid input and dies, and seed2db detects the invalid seed
    and doesn't die (of a segmentation error).
    This also attempts to fix a problem using the SQ filter 
    on Sun's inside trfilter inside perl.
  • dbcalibrate.0 Tuesday January 10, 2012
    Fix a 64-bit bug that only shows up on solaris systems.
    Fix a roundoff bug that caused the program to think
    there were data gaps when there were none.