patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 5.2-64 MacOS X x86

  • TrialPatch.0 Wednesday January 11, 2012
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • orb2wf.0 Friday April 27, 2012
    Make so that calib_thresh < 0 will cause changes in calib, calper and segtype to be ignored.
    Make calib_thresh default -1.0 in orb2wf
    Add timer printout for dbpick and dbpick_old during initial database scan.
    Set gsn demo add_wfdisc headers to no in so that db2mseed will work properly.
  • afterthoughts.0 Tuesday May 01, 2012
    These are a variety of updates which just missed the release.
    Try to handle floating point inside miniseed.
    Allow empty command line for dbloc_assoc.
    Improved error handling in pktmon.
    rtincident saves incident report into file attached to incident email.
    cdorb2db properly handles alternate filenames when samprate changes,
      generally ignores calib/calper/segtype.
  • dbsubset_redux.0 Saturday June 09, 2012
    Fix another problem with dbsubset expressions including NULL:
    the subset sometimes fails.
    Add a working program to draw maps from the Graphics menu of 
    Make trdisp start up faster
  • service_patch1.0 Friday June 29, 2012
    This addresses a number of bug fixes and feature enhancements:
    dbpick: fix bug which caused program crashes when deleting arrivals
            make startup quicker for databases with many stations
            fix problem with large expressions in -sc command argument
    tkdbpick: fix bug which caused the cursor coordinates to not be displayed
    orb2wf: add parameter option to allow program to process through unstuffPkt errors
    orb2orb: add parameter option to discard packets if they cannot be unstuffed
    q3302orb: control port processing changes plus enhanced diagnostic logging
    Note that because of changes to underlying libraries, new trdisp, orbdisp 
    and dbpick_old binaries are included
  • medley.0 Wednesday August 08, 2012
    Fix a variety of issues:
       fix abspath function in calculator
       allow adding a new record with a null id field even when 
          the table already contains a null record
       try to handle the css3.1 schema correctly in the network panel
       improve the default parameters to make this useful
       remove some debugging printout, initialize some variables
       (both relate to new performance statistics in orbserver)
       try to improve behavior which shows negative packet rates 
       in very large orbservers with very few sourcenames.
       eliminate a malloc/free (thread safe) problem related to
    	stash packets.
       interpolate Defines values into transient commands
       eliminate another undefined warning
        properly ignore failure to return error from unrecognized 
        command from a basalt
        don't return invalid values from ps in the return from sysproc(3)
        fix string problem in pushstrn
        correct cleanpath results where input includes ..
  • basalt.0 Wednesday October 31, 2012
    The basalt datalogger generates pf status packets which 
    lack the terminating null byte. This can lead to complaints
    like this from programs which read these packets and attempt
    to unstuff them:
        *log*: invalid right brace at line #xx
        *fatal*: quitting because the log has 50 messages
    orb2disk has an error where it quits after reading the first packet
    when the first packet is a stash packet.  This problem is fixed
    with this patch.
  • css31.0 Friday November 16, 2012
    This patch contains various improvements to the way css3.1 
    databases are handled by various Antelope programs
    and libraries.