patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 5.7 MacOS X x86

  • TrialPatch.0 Monday May 1, 2017
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • patchA.0 Monday May 08, 2017
    This patch adds more documentation for the Python BQPlot 
    tools, replaces the dbmaster database for the Anza real-time
    demo, and fixes several small display issues. 
  • patchB.1 Monday May 22, 2017
    This patch improves processing in the Anza rtdemo; fixes 
    a number of small problems in dbevents with locale setting, 
    right-click command launch, window-raising, and null-value
    display; and adds the install_toolchain(1) command 
    for developers.
  • patchC.1 Thursday August 17, 2017
    This patch fixes a number of small problems in orb2orb, 
    cd1.1 tools, dbevents, and displayttgrid.  This patch 
    also cleans up the CD1.1 real-time system demo and 
    adds a demo of the Bighorn continuous
    spectral-monitoring tools.
  • patchD.1 Tuesday September 26, 2017
    This patch fixes issues in dbdisplaystations, orb2orb,
    rtexec reporting of incidents with complex command 
    lines, and peer startup/shutdown cascades in the CD1.1
    transmitter and receiver. 
  • patchE.0 Thursday October 05, 2017
    This patch improves packet diagnostics in CD1.1 tools and 
    fixes a glitch in the packing procedure for CD11S frames.