patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 5.8 MacOS X x86

  • TrialPatch.0 Monday May 1, 2018
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • patchA.0 Tuesday June 26, 2018
    Small fixes for register_antelope, grepsrc, dbbuild, and altus2orb
  • patchB.0 Tuesday July 10, 2018
    This patch fixes a number of issues with rtdbclean, 
    adds -x options to rtdbclean, rtbackup, and event_archive, 
    and provides multi-sender support in cd11rcv2orb. 
  • patchC.0 Saturday August 11, 2018
    This patch fixes virtual memory resource issues in orb2orb, 
    and adds virtual-memory footprint monitoring to dlmon. 
  • patchD.2 Wednesday September 12, 2018
    This patch fixes problems in USGS2orb caused by security
    changes to the USGS servers, and also adds a new 
    program update_contrib_responses(1).
  • patchE.1 Monday November 12, 2018
    This patch fixes a problem in orb2wf with slippery
    clocks. Also included are fixes to cssconvert, fixes to 
    the USGS2orb_catalog script in the Anza real-time
    system demo, enforcement of IPv4 for USGS2orb,
    and updates to to reflect current 
    license servers. Several 'support' orb port name assignments
    are included to facilitate streaming-data problem resolution. 
  • patchF.0 Monday December 17, 2018
    This patch adds match/reject expression support to
    orb2orb write connections. It also modifies libbrttpkt
    and orb2wf to eliminate a one-sample midnight data gap
    that can occur under rare combinations of filters and 
    sample rates. 
  • patchG.0 Thursday December 27, 2018
    This patch fixes launchd shutdown problems with the turnkey 
    boot script on recent versions of OSX. 
  • patchH.0 Tuesday January 15, 2019
    This patch fixes right-click launch of external commands 
    from within the dbevents(1) window, and also updates
    the notes_licensing(5) man-page.