patch-image Patches for Antelope Release 5.0-64 MacOS X x86

  • TrialPatch.0 Friday May 2, 2008
    This empty patch verifies that antelope_update is working properly.
  • dbpick.0.0 Thursday July 08, 2010
    Fix 64-bit problem that only manifests itself on solaris
    systems; typein command ae does not work.
    Small change to showmapgrid script in rtdemo_array_wra
    demo to fix animation problem.
  • dbnoise.0.0 Monday July 19, 2010
    this fixes a number of 64-bit related problems with 
    orbwfmeas and dbwfmeas and catches and flags a situation 
    in dbnoise where there is no data to process.
  • dbheli.0 Tuesday August 31, 2010
    Fix various problems relating to the move to 64-bits.
  • dbbuild_fails.0 Tuesday September 28, 2010
    Some erroneous parameter files for instruments were 
    present (and other files were missing altogether) in 
    the 5.0-64 release cd.  This caused the interactive 
    dbbuild to quit at startup, as it evaluated the bad
    This patch updates those contrib files, and also 
    changes dbbuild so that it ignores invalid parameter
    files, rather than dying.
  • altus_seed2db.0 Friday October 08, 2010
    This patch includes a new replacement program for 
    k22orb, altus2orb, which is compatible with the
    new Kinemetrics Rock line of dataloggers.
    Also in this patch are modifications to dlcmd, to make
    it compatible with altus2orb, and a buf fix in seed2db
    and seeddump to properly parse 'M' data blockettes.
  • dbset-dbloc_map.0 Thursday October 14, 2010
    dbset failed to operate properly when the substitution
    expression was omitted, as Niko pointed out.
    dbloc_map failed to screen out stations no longer operating,
    as Natasha pointed out.  This version also has a pop-up 
    window activated by the left mouse button for each displayed
  • potpourri.0 Thursday November 11, 2010
        recreate waveform file when it's removed during cleanup, instead of dying
        save state file periodically: requires new parameter decent_interval in 
        parameter file.
        use environment from standard; may work better on Linux machines
        switch from dbml to orbevproc
        allow reading float data from miniseed without truncation to integers
        continue after receiving bad input packet, instead of dying 
    perl db interface
        fix leak in dbnojoin
        all elog_set and elog_query
        fix apparently long-standing bug which prevented a cron job from running because
        of non-existent conflict with previous execution of same cron job.
        include more lines from log files
        recognize M data quality code